SIX services

Video Production

Every type videos productions like Microfilm, Documentary film, Interview, MV and also do Photography.

Media Education

Giving services to School Campus TV in Hong Kong. We provide tutors who are professonal in media or film domain. We aim to promote encourage student having media education from primary to college.


Giving advices and services to Enterprises and Small & medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). Rebuild their brand through eMarketing by using the Internet. For example, building Facebook or Instagram page.

Virtual Reality(VR)

Coming soon...

Graphic Design

Coming soon...

Motion Graphic

Coming soon...

People Love Us

Our clients leaved some messages to us behind


“取景真的很靚!而且剪接好有心機” — 福建中學(小西灣)二十週年負責老師


“” — 十兄弟工作室


“導師很有心機教導學生,學生都比以往進步,而且更多人有興趣玩電視台” — 明愛粉領陳震夏中學電視台負責老師


“將我地平台舊的形象重新設計,現在平台的美感好看很多了!” — 點上流Startogetup-網絡平台